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  • Discussion on flexibility analysis of PCB board-to-board connector

    With automation and the Internet of Things changing the industrial environment, the demand for PCB board-to-board connectors for signal, data and power transmission and shielding from harsh environmental conditions is gradually increasing, because they are the key to developing further miniaturiz...
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  • Why should board-to-board connectors be tested in salt spray environment

    Why should board-to-board connectors be tested in salt spray environment? Salt spray environment mainly refers to the application environment of medical device connectors, electric vehicle connectors and underwater application equipment. Under normal circumstances, the salt spray environment refe...
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  • Understand the board-to-board connector test inspection

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. Board-to-board connector test inspection. Let’s take a look together below; 1. Observe that the voltage loaded on the board-to-board connector should not exceed 50% of its rated voltage. 2. Board-to-board connector installation size For plug-in headers, the ...
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  • How to choose the size of the board-to-board connector?

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. According to market trends, board-to-board connectors have undergone great changes in recent years, and board-to-board connectors have become smaller and smaller. The current common board-to-board connector pitch is 0.40 mm; although the stack height of 1 mm is a ...
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  • One minute to teach you how to choose board-to-board connectors

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. There are many types of connectors. Common types include communication interface terminals, wiring terminals, wire-to-board connectors, and board-to-board connectors. Each category can be subdivided into several categories, such as: board-to-board connectors inclu...
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  • How to choose a board-to-board connector to make the system perform the best?

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. In almost all electronic and electrical products, board-to-board connectors have become an essential element for connecting various components. The existence of the connector is not only for disassembly and connection, but also a carrier for providing current and ...
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  • In-depth analysis of the development status of board-to-board connectors

    In-depth analysis of the development status of board-to-board connectors Currently, the board-to-board connectors used on mobile phones mainly have the following characteristics: The first is “flexible”, flexible connection, and strong corrosion resistance; second, no welding, conveni...
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  • What should I pay attention to when storing board-to-board connectors?

    Insulation inspection rules for board-to-board connectors: the same type of insulating material produced by qualified suppliers, stable product performance (returned goods without quality problems within one year), sampling inspection once every 5 tons. For the new insulating material of a qualif...
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  • What is a USB connector

    It can be said that USB connectors can be seen everywhere in our daily life. We even touch electronic products every day. USB is everywhere, such as smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, mobile hard drives, printers, audio-visual equipment, multimedia, and electrical appliances. Wait, what is a...
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