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  • The advantages of board-to-board connectors and the role of shrapnel micro-needle modules

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. Board-to-board connector is an indispensable electronic component in electronic products. It can be connected to power and signal. Its own advantages determine that it can better adapt to the development trend of miniaturization of electronic products and exert th...
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  • Product application of floating board to board connector

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. In recent years, HIROSE has actively carried out research and development to promote its evolution with the two pillars of floating and high-speed transmission support as its main topics. Whether it is used as a floating connector, a connector for high-speed trans...
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  • What are the technical characteristics of board-to-board connectors?

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. One object needs to use a connector to connect with another object, so there are many board-to-board connectors around us, and everyone knows it better. Today, I will come and learn with you what technical characteristics the board-to-board connectors have, as fol...
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  • How to choose a board-to-board connector to make the system perform the best?

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. In almost all electronic and electrical products, board-to-board connectors have become an essential element for connecting various components. The existence of the connector is not only for disassembly and connection, but also a carrier for providing current and ...
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  • Which btb connector is best?

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. There are many types of electronic connectors, including btb connectors, but the manufacturing process is basically the same, generally divided into the following four stages: 1. Stamping The manufacturing process of electronic connectors generally starts with sta...
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  • Board-to-board connector manufacturers interpret the technical characteristics of board-to-board connectors

    1. First of all, “soft”, flexible connection, fast installation, detachable and convenient. 2. The ultra-low height of the board-to-board connector to achieve the purpose of reducing the thickness of the fuselage. CJT 1.0 board to board connector 3. The contact structure has super env...
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  • Discussion on flexibility analysis of PCB board-to-board connector

    With automation and the Internet of Things changing the industrial environment, the demand for PCB board-to-board connectors for signal, data and power transmission and shielding from harsh environmental conditions is gradually increasing, because they are the key to developing further miniaturiz...
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  • Why should board-to-board connectors be tested in salt spray environment

    Why should board-to-board connectors be tested in salt spray environment? Salt spray environment mainly refers to the application environment of medical device connectors, electric vehicle connectors and underwater application equipment. Under normal circumstances, the salt spray environment refe...
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  • Understand the board-to-board connector test inspection

    Hello everyone, I am the editor. Board-to-board connector test inspection. Let’s take a look together below; 1. Observe that the voltage loaded on the board-to-board connector should not exceed 50% of its rated voltage. 2. Board-to-board connector installation size For plug-in headers, the ...
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